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Meet Laura

45_LAKE_4692_PHey! Laura Leigh Clarke here.

In case you’re wondering what on earth I do and how I can help you, here it is in a nutshell:

I’m the business coach and mentor to the heroes of the entrepreneurial revolution.

That’s right.

In other words, I work with Movers and Shakers who want to transition (profitably) out of “working to pay the bills” and into doing what lights them up!


And helping them make a shed-load more cash doing it.

This could mean getting out of a business that is draining you, and that no longer holds any magic, or expanding what you’re already doing into a more lucrative model or enterprise.

So whether you’re a book keeper who wants to start your own tech consultancy, or a consultant who wants more leverage than trading time for money – or even in a 9-5 and wanting to live the laptop-on-the-beach dream, odds are, I’m your gal.

I also do a lot of work with good folks to help them get paid what they’re worth.

This isn’t about one particular method… like email marketing or stock trading, or property or whatever.

This is more fundamental than that.

Keep reading and I’ll explain why.

Coz in my world-view, success comes from getting 3 Factors NAILED.

These 3 Factors Are:


1. The Inner Game

This is your mindset, your beliefs, your emotional baggage and how you vibe in the world.  This dictates not only the degree to which you can enjoy your life, but the amount of money you’ll allow into and allow to stay, in your bank account. Your business is literally just an extension of what’s going on in your inner programming.

Get this right, and everything else gets a million times easier.

2. The Strategy

All too often people get hung up on tactics: podcasting vs. webinars, and facebook marketing vs networking.

There are 8 ways to wealth: and depending on your personality, you will thrive at one of these 8 ways. So it’s pretty essential to know which one is yours.

Luckily I have a method for determining your profile, and then creating a strategy map, a blueprint if you like, of how to get from where you are, to the kind of business you’d really love to have. This plan gives you the clarity and confidence to move forward, knowing that you’ve stacked the odds of success massively in your favour, for your personality.

Note: there is not a one-size-fits-all for business growth, development or evolution.


And all the strategy and personal evolution in the world is no good if you have a plan and then do nothing with it.

3. Implementation

So the final piece of the puzzle is getting stuff implemented in:

  1. A way that works (i.e. is profitable!)
  2. A way that works for you


So, What Qualified Me To Do All This?

Well, apart from having helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to make millions of dollars collectively, I am also the author of the Hay House money book: Wire Yourself for Wealth.

As a (recovering!) geek, I started my grown-up life studying Theoretical Physics.


And whilst we’re confessing geekdom, I’m also a massive Doctor Who and Battlestar Gallatica Fan. (You have now been warned! ;))

AHaaaaaa. I feel better having got that off my chest.

Anyway, we were saying… Physics:

I was always fascinated by how the world works, and felt sure that there are fundamental principles that apply both to how the universe works in the magical world of physics and the real world of dollars and cents that we all live in.

What I found was the human experience (the observer) was the bridge: hence the approach I use which spans the inner and outer-world to generate TANGIBLE (and frankly kick-butt) results. 😉

I eventually fell into business coaching after a number of years in sales having won not only a sales and marketing competition, but also a stock trading competition… Long story – but I was fascinated by these worlds where some people would thrive, and others would fall by the way-side.

And I couldn’t figure out why.

I just kept thinking, if I could work out why some succeed where others fail, then I could rest easy…

Coz it was a mind-screw for me!


Like an itch, I couldn’t scratch.

I remember at one point when I was coaching traders, and we’d give all the trainees the same strategy, and shown them how to use it…

And some would make money hand over fist, whilst others would lose their shirt in a few weeks.

It was bizarre.

Same in sales.

And I couldn’t work out what was the difference between them, that would predict who would fail and who would succeed.

It wasn’t enthusiasm, or intelligence… or any of the normal things one would generally put it down to.


But it became one of those things that would bug me no matter what I did.

Everywhere I went.

I would watch what people did – at both ends of the spectrum.

I would interview (read: interrogate!) people who had obviously made a success of themselves in whatever field.

I grilled them about their attitudes to money, to their profession, to business, to finance, to tax, to saving, to investing….

(see I told you I was a geek…)

And gradually I built up a picture.

A picture I kept honing and refining as I started working with clients.

A picture that turned into a model, which then led me to articulate it in a method that anyone can use.

This model I talk about at length in my book: Wire Yourself for Wealth.


Now You May Be Wondering…

How the heck does a physics graduate get into coaching businesses?!

Well I think the seed was sown when I realised how little money there was in physics.

I watched students around me struggling for money, and having to live in poverty – and this didn’t stop once they graduated.


The student “life-style” seemed to continue thorough no matter how smart they were, or what they were working on. It became very apparent that in the UK at least, academia is not well paid.

I watched my peers aspiring to academic careers.

Now, I’d been on the personal development circuit ever since I showed up to university in London. I had been to a whole heap of seminars and had been inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad – so I had some other perspectives my fellow students didn’t share.

So there we all were, ready to study for four years, working weekends and often into the night, spend a whole year writing a thesis, going through the torment of finals, then competing with each other to get onto a phd programme, in order to commence another four years of slog, for below minimum wage.


To me, this violated the law of common sense.

But surely all that braininess was transferable to real life?

You’d think.

But sadly it’s not always the case.

Because if you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad you’ll know the stark reality is the A grade students end up working for the D grade students in the end.

Being a bit of a rebel – I blame the parents, lol – I decided I wasn’t going to succumb to this statistic.


What physics taught me was how to model situations to create repeatable, tangible results, consistently.

Something that has become core to being able to help people design and grow their business.

I started to recognise patterns more obviously when I started a sales role straight after leaving university.

I managed to write £120k worth of business when everyone else before me hadn’t sold anything. It wasn’t that I was a slick sales person though. I was a slightly overweight, geeky graduate who was just trying to find her place in the real world.

But I started with the premise than in order for someone to want to buy I needed to solve their problem for them.

I realised it was then my job to make it a no-brainer for them.

(I guess this is where I started to think like a business strategist… in order to construct something that would be a no-brainer to the staff, the finance department, and the final decision makers).


The only way my physics-wired brain knew how to do this was to gather information of the situation, create a model of how it appears to work, test the model, then tweak it based on feedback until it gave predictable, repeatable results.

I later worked out that if I could crack this process and craft it as a business blueprint, then anyone, in any circumstance would be able to follow a formula in order to make money doing what they loved.

So in this new sales role, I devised a hypothesis about what people would pay money for and then tested it… just as you do in an experiment. I did this again and again, to the point where peoples’ responses in meetings became predictable, and so did the buying process.

Science would then say that my model demonstrated repeatability and was therefore a valid, and reliable model.

And so it went on.

I went through several UK sales departments using the same approach: gathering information, making an hypothesis or constructing a model, testing the model, making changes as appropriate, to make the model more effective – i.e. increases leads and conversion rates.

It soon became apparent that I could offer much more value to more individuals from outside of a business as a coach.

Coaching, For Me, Is Kind Of Like Torrets

Weird analogy I know, but it’s the best way I can explain it.

You probably find this yourself – when something is obvious to you, and you realise it isn’t obvious to them, it’s like a compulsion to want to share the different perspective or new information with the person you’re talking to.

It’s like there is a little part of my brain that activates and nags away if there is a chance I can help.

Anyway – I guess it’s something I’m wired to do.

Over the years I’ve come to notice when folks have one or two little obstacles that are holding them back, just helping them make a few adjustments can make big gains in their life, business and to their bottom line.

I think it comes from “seeing” people – their true hopes and dreams, the baggage they’ve hung on to, the stuff they can let go of and are ready to do.  From an early age I found that I connected with people – they would tell me their problems, and as an outsider it was easy to see the solution. I would hand them their answers and they would go on to conquer the next challenge with ease and confidence.

But it was in my studies of entrepreneurs and business, I came to realise that it wasn’t just about the physical strategy.

Sometimes a formula would work for one person but not someone else. This is when I started to take into account an individual’s money genius profile and the thoughts and feelings they are currently “wired” with.

Enrolling these factors into the equations I’d been using, I devised a process that almost any business could be worked though, to produce predictable, consistent results. Cool huh?

I know we all have blind spots.

But often I would help people see things from a different perspective and they would come back having made massive shifts in understanding. Often the “penny drops” for them there and then and their problem is solved. It’s great to see that happen. And I just find myself in more and more situations where this ability is useful. I guess I just feel compelled to help as many people as I can, in my own weird way with an unconventional process.

Thankfully, I’ve become pretty good at it:

“Working with Laura has taken my previous business experience to a far more exciting and insightful level.

Her in-depth knowledge and truly remarkable understanding of the subject is coupled with huge amounts of quality support material.  But best of all, Laura really understands the challenges we all face in turning ideas and concepts into action….. and taking Massive Action is the essential key to success in property investing and any business enterprise.

I have no hesitation in recommending Laura’s work as a coach.  We first met and started working together at a time when I was having to deal with some extremely challenging circumstances in my business and family life.  The framework she gave me has allowed me to cope incredibly well with extraordinary pressure and has helped me to see my business evolve and prosper in ways I would not have thought possible.

Laura challenges and pushes you all the time and to get the most benefit you have to work hard and believe – but it’s worth it!”
Guy Bartlett, Managing Director, Trust Services Group


“Of all the workshops and teleseminars I’ve attended, Laura’s was the most accessible and the tools were the most easy to implement consistently. As the weeks went by I was more and more able to be control of the way I felt in challenging situations where previously I would have let my emotions overrule me.

This has been priceless in both my personal and business relationships. I feel like I’ve really been able to take control of my emotions. The freedom this has afforded me has made the most remarkable changes in my day to day life.  In other workshops, benefits tend to be short lived, but with Laura’s course, 6 months on I am still noticing my ability to draw on things I’ve learnt and it is a wonderful result for me.”

Sara Ellis, Hypnotherapist



“Before I started working with Laura I felt I nothing I did was ever good enough which affected my attitude towards the design work I was doing. I had a lack of faith in my designs and ideas and didn’t believe I would be able to give my clients what they wanted. I couldn’t see how I could make a difference and felt I didn’t have a voice. I believed that I had to work hard to get results, that things needed to take a long time to be effective and get results and I put myself under constant pressure to be better.

I’d distract myself by e-mails and paperwork to keep with the illusion I had to keep busy to keep my beliefs true! Consequently I was limiting the results I was getting in my work.

I took part in a group webinar with Laura a few months before I started working on a one to one basis with her. It was over a drink with a friend when I had an a ha moment. I had a realisation that I had shifted an historical and unhelpful belief about my relationship with my partner. That I couldn’t make it on my own! I was considering investing in one to one coaching with Laura and my friend helped me to see that if I am getting that kind of result from a group session imagine what could happen if I work with Laura on a one to one basis! I absolutely wanted to change and transform my thinking and was ready to do this.

Laura has enabled me to let go of this stifling feeling of not being good enough and open the door to accepting the things I’d like and creating opportunities that fit my ‘flow’”. My strength is in working with people and my biggest fear was what people thought! Once I learnt to drop this, accept what has been, I started to feel I could accept and feel more worthy of the things I wanted; Self belief, positive relationships and money.

The gains I have had so far from working with Laura are exponential and my experience and outlook of life has irrevocably changed. When my goal to double my income is achieved the value of the work in monetary terms will be around £25,000 – £30,000 per annum.”

Rebecca Specculo, Interior Designer

Have you noticed that there is so much more involved than just fixing the business?

It all stems from within ourselves. The business is an extension of you. When you get your internal stuff sorted, the rest of it comes much more easily – as you can see from the above graduate statements.

Here is what talk organisers are saying:

“Laura’s talk for School for Creative Startups students got one of the most enthusiastic responses of all of the guest speakers we have used to date. The students were thoroughly engaged throughout & anxious to ask questions during the whole session. All students found the interactive content delivered by Laura very interesting and I know that the majority have now implemented what they’ve learnt to the development of their Start-ups.”

Sarah Stephens, School for StartUps


“Laura has twice been invited to speak at my events – where she energetically shares her wisdom and magic on the subject of money and wealth creation.

I believe that becoming wealthy continues to be somewhat of a taboo subject for many women, yet Laura isn’t afraid to bring this subject to the fore and enable women to see that creating wealth is actually their birthright.

Laura’s presentations are thought provoking, stimulating and interactive. Those in the audience will gain massive insights from Laura as much as learning from each other.

My clients have gained enormously from learning about the 8 ways to wealth, to discovering their natural route to market to learning how to monetize their message.

I will definitely be inviting Laura to speak again.”

Allison Marlowe,, founder

“Laura is an awesome speaker. She was spontaneous and worked with our audience workshop style to deliver as much relevant content as possible. Feedback afterwards was really positive and we’re looking forward to having Laura back to speak to us again in the not too distant future.” Yes Group



“No matter what perspective one may take towards money, one cannot argue that money plays a critical part in every life. There are many who teach how to make money – their way. Yet, very are able to understand and articulate what it takes to create abundance. Laura Leigh Clarke is one of the few experts in the UK who embodies what she teaches. As a guest of UnTangled FM, Laura eloquently and precisely explained the intricacies of creating and attracting abundance into the lives of our audience. I look forward to bringing her back onto our radio station as soon as possible. Our listeners are extraordinarily keen on lapping up every word uttered by Laura.”

Harun Rabbani, Producer and Founder,

Shucks :-)… I’m blushing. :">


In between speaking gigs, I also write for Network She – a magazine packed full of business advice for womenpreneurs.

I’m also a Hay House published author. Hay House is the world biggest publisher of spiritual-centred books. My book is called Wire Yourself for Wealth. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle.

I speak regularly at groups such as Peter Jones’ Enterprise Academy, Doug Richards’ School for Start Ups, and the UK Yes Groups (groups inspired by Tony Robbins.)

But at the same time as all this, I’m a total geek and love programmes like Battlestar Gallactica. Oh yes, and in the interest of full disclosure – I’m a die-hard Doctor Who fan! ;P

So, if you’d like to stay in touch, feel free to sign up to my newsletter. You can even connect with me on facebook or twitter.

If you’re a bit more serious and you’d like some help and advice on how to go forward with your business why not get in touch. Just hit reply to any of my emails and tell me what’s on your mind.

  • Dear Laura,
    Congrats on your lovely site , I wish you much success and will certainly keep you in mind in the future as I develop my brand!

    Grace Kelly

    June 10, 2012

  • Hey, I just stopped in to visit your site and thought I’d say thank you.

    heart health

    July 11, 2012

  • thank you for stopping by Richey! Don’t forget to sign up at the top of the page to receive updates. Some really cool content coming you’re not gonna want to miss 🙂


    July 11, 2012

  • Nice story Laura.

    Had to laugh when you mentioned you were a fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s one of my favourite books, but for some reason I always feel a bit embarrassed to say so. It’s probably the first book I read that made me realise that there’s more to making money than getting a j.o.b.

    Andy Black

    January 24, 2013

  • lol – I know!! I did a heap of releasing before posting that, around being able to just say it how it is, and not being judged! lol.

    RDPD is cool because it shows you the contrast between two ways of thinking about money. I resonated with it because both my parents are professionals, rather than business folk, so saw the constrast up close. Thanks for putting your embarrassment aside and coming out in support Andy! 🙂

    Laura Leigh Clarke

    January 25, 2013

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