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Case Studies

Kim PoirerI must be honest, I had some resistance at the beginning in doing the chart exercise. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find any value in it. But oddly enough, the effort it took to actually come up with 200 reasons of deserving something (of whatever your goal is) shifted my energy around the whole situation. It released the negative charge I had around the debilitating belief. Doing the Self Esteem Chart shifted how I think about myself, value myself, and how people are responding to me. I now have it posted on my office wall as a daily reminder. Thank you Laura!

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Laura’s Talks

Laura gave the students at The Peter Jones Academy a very valuable insight into understanding their personal strengths and wealth profiles. They also benefitted from learning the importance of building a team with skills that compliment their own rather than mirror them. This unique information is very rarely taught in schools or colleges and the students were very enthusiastic about the session.

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The Book

What an insightful read!

I would recommend this book for anyone who is running, or even thinking of running, their own business. I would also suggest that it is for anyone who wants to move on in their life, with a clearer view of the path.

Written in an easy to read style and in a language that we can all understand,I found some of the exercises really useful in clarifying my thinking and helping me to see the way forward.

Read it and be prepared to see a change in the way you view the world.

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  • Laura’s book Wired for Wealth has brought me out of my reverie and contemplation to a space where I believe I have the tools to move forward with my own personal growth.I am fascinated by the Money profiling and believe that once you know your true essence you will never look back.The book is a brilliant read and has made me realise my full potential so that I can soar unfettered!

    Geetha Maharaj

    March 15, 2013

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