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Case Studies

Frank Thomas

Laura Leigh Clarke is the real deal! She is very intuitive and adept at reading between the lines and identifying when your words and actions are not perfectly aligned. This misalignment causes confusion and makes one feel like they are swimming upstream or causes them to freeze and take no action at all. She helped me get into perfect integrity to ensure my plan is 100% supported by my strengths allowing me to work in my perfect flow.

As a result of our strategy session, I walked away with greater clarity and confidence in how I was going to grow my business and find greater success without having to exert more effort. As a matter of fact, I booked my next speaking engagement because of the clarity and focus the strategy session gave me.

If you need clarity and a plan to get to your believed destiny, don’t waste any more time or money through trial and error. Hire Laura! She will help you get on the path to finding your flow and unleashing your greatest value to your clients and those who will become your clients.

Kim PoirerI must be honest, I had some resistance at the beginning in doing the chart exercise. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find any value in it. But oddly enough, the effort it took to actually come up with 200 reasons of deserving something (of whatever your goal is) shifted my energy around the whole situation. It released the negative charge I had around the debilitating belief. Doing the Self Esteem Chart shifted how I think about myself, value myself, and how people are responding to me. I now have it posted on my office wall as a daily reminder. Thank you Laura!

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