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Praise for Laura’s Talks

Laura gave the students at The Peter Jones Academy a very valuable insight into understanding their personal strengths and wealth profiles. They also benefitted from learning the importance of building a team with skills that compliment their own rather than mirror them. This unique information is very rarely taught in schools or colleges and the students were very enthusiastic about the session.

Laura’s talk for School for Creative Startups students got one of the most enthusiastic responses of all of the guest speakers we have used to date. The students were thoroughly engaged throughout & anxious to ask questions during the whole session. All students found the interactive content delivered by Laura very interesting & I know that the majority have now implemented what they’ve learnt to the development of their Start-ups.

Laura’s talk at Yes Group Cardiff was a great start to the 2012 programme. Laura’s has an ability to engage with the audience. Her presentation style is easy to listen to and most engaging. The topic was very relevant and of interest to the audience.

Certainly a speaker I would invite back to Yes Group Cardiff.

No matter what perspective one may take towards money, one cannot argue that money plays a critical part in every life. There are many who teach how to make money – their way. Yet, very are able to understand and articulate what it takes to create abundance. Laura Leigh Clarke is one of the few experts in the UK who embodies what she teaches. As a guest of UnTangled FM, Laura eloquently and precisely explained the intricacies of creating and attracting abundance into the lives of our audience. I look forward to bringing her back onto our radio station as soon as possible. Our listeners are extraordinarily keen on lapping up every word uttered by Laura.

Laura has twice been invited to speak at my events – where she energetically shares her wisdom and magic on the subject of money and wealth creation.

I believe that becoming wealthy continues to be somewhat of a taboo subject for many women, yet Laura isn’t afraid to bring this subject to the fore and enable women to see that creating wealth is actually their birthright.

Laura’s presentations are thought provoking, stimulating and interactive. Those in the audience will gain massive insights from Laura as much as learning from each other.

My clients have gained enormously from learning about the 8 ways to wealth, to discovering their natural route to market to learning how to monetise their message.

I will definitely be inviting Laura to speak again.

Thank you very much for delivering such an excellent program last night.

Every single person commended you, it was great!

Laura Leigh Clarke gave a great talk at Brighton Yes Group last Thursday – if you need a warm and inspiring speaker I highly recommend her and can let you have details.

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