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Praise for Wire Yourself For Wealth

What an insightful read!

I would recommend this book for anyone who is running, or even thinking of running, their own business. I would also suggest that it is for anyone who wants to move on in their life, with a clearer view of the path.

Written in an easy to read style and in a language that we can all understand,I found some of the exercises really useful in clarifying my thinking and helping me to see the way forward.

Read it and be prepared to see a change in the way you view the world.

If you’ve been struggling to make a go of your business, or you’ve read every ‘instant success’ or personal development book out there, and you’re still not getting the results that seem to come easily to everyone else, Wire Yourself For Wealth could very well be the last wealth creation book you’ll ever need to buy.

The author, Laura Leigh Clarke, was a physicist before moving into sales and marketing, alternative healing practices, coaching, and the personal development sector. Working in these disparate areas gave Laura real insight into creating real, lasting wealth, and that’s what she covers fully in this book. Essentially, Laura’s given us a user-friendly wealth blueprint which really is based on rocket science!

The book’s written in a friendly, no-nonsense style, and Laura’s at her best when explaining complex quantum physics and other theories in easy-to-grasp terms.

Yes, much of the information may be familiar to well-read entrepreneurs: the Law of Attraction, do what you love and the money will follow, and so on; however, Laura has the knack of conveying this knowledge in a feel-it-in-your-bones, ‘now I finally get it’ way that makes you want to take action immediately on doing the exercises in the book to transform your life.

What I really loved about Wire Yourself For Wealth was that Laura doesn’t just cover the ‘science part’; she also delves into why people have emotional obstacles to creating wealth and, more importantly, how these can be shifted for good.

I found the book a great read, and really helpful in explaining how and why I was sabotaging my chances of success. And yes, I’ve been doing the exercises and they really do make a difference!

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for that ‘missing link’ to attracting wealth!

I read this book over a weekend and just couldn’t put it down. It’s really well written explaining the seven ‘keys’ in a simple way which everyone can understand and follow. You’ll find lots of practical tips from Laura and her passion for the subject is obvious as she is willing to share some golden nuggets of information with her readers. I can’t wait to start manifesting some magic now I’ve found my money mojo!

in a nutshell I’m excited about using what I have learned in this book to clear out the ‘junk’ and really help me push my business on to the next level. I will be using the techniques and focussing on a strategy to move forward using the different profiles to ensure I cover all the aspects I need to achieve that all important balance within my team. I believe Laura will be a big part of the growing success of my business and would heartily recommend this book if you, like me, are looking to shift up a gear in your life/work/business.

I enjoyed reading this as I feel it really caters for those who are working those high profile jobs such as advertising executives, lawyers, accountants, business advisory, entrepreneurs etc. But it also caters to those people who have a business but would like to wire it up for more wealth and become more profitable. You can apply this whatever job you have whether you are a customer service assistant, bank manager or run your own corner shop.

Her book is the kind of book I wish we were all given upon graduating. It picks up on very specific skill sets divided into eight different categories. Even just for the interview process the more of this kind of stuff that you know about yourself, the better. I think the whole adage of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is ultimately not only wasting your time and your employers money, it will also give anyone’s self confidence a massive blow.
I am a creative through and through. She highlighted which areas come easily to me and which things (sales, accounting) will seem so tough even though to others they might be easy.

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