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What successful people do differently (You wont guess!)


The most successful people I see in the business world are those who embrace their creativity.

This isn’t about getting tonnes of ideas.

It’s about making creative choices in any given set of circumstances.

The question I’d like to pose, to prompt you to move forward is:


“Are you reacting habitually to the situation, or are you acting creatively?”
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The problem is, most people, most of the time, are stuck in a rut.

They embrace their habits, their identity, their way of thinking and way of doing things.

And then they just get more of the same.

Emotions, past-traumas, past-“decisions” keep them trapped in this rut.

And the purpose of the emotional releasing, the energy clearing,and the habit-breaking kick-up-the-ass we get on our monthly mentoring group calls is purely and simply to free you up from these habits and programmes, so we can think better thoughts.


To make more creative choices.


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Dividends, like royalties

businessman sitting in a desk writing the word investment in theHow do you know what you can pay for coaching?

After all, how can you value something that seems like and investment with no solid guarantees of a return?


And what’s more, how do you stack the odds of it being successful (ie. profitable), from the outset?

Keep reading and I’ll explain.


Imagine if you worked with someone and you increased your income by say 50%.

You’d no longer be comparing the value of that work in terms of buying a paperback, or a downloadable product.


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There’s a reason they’re expensive!

Elegant woman stepping out of car parked in front of private plaHola!

Hope you’re having a fabulicious week!

***Read to the bottom of this post to win a coaching session with me… ***


I’m loving the email exchanges I’ve been having with a number of you in the Wire Yourself for Wealth community over the last couple of weeks.


If you remember, it all started when I was raving about the beauty of having a tennis coach… and how it applies directly to having a coach to help you grow your business.

Well, from this conversation a number of people asked about how to get to the point where coaching would be most beneficial. If you missed that one, you can see it over on the blog, here:

No Wimbledon… yet



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No Wimbledon… yet



Wow – I’ve had some really great questions since my last email about finding a coach… and no, I’m not playing in Wimbledon for those funny guys who have been asking! Lol

Anyway, most of the questions centred around – how do you pay for coaching when you’re not making money yet?


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How to Stay On Track

Meet Belinda.

Belinda is an entrepreneur straight through to her core. She lives and breathes her mission.


She cares about her

She loves what she does.


She has about a million good ideas each day, whilst struggling to keep up with her current workload of clients and can’t remember a weekend where she didn’t take work home.

She works too hard, even though she loves what she does.


And she keep going, week in, week out, because she doesn’t have time to stop and think about what else she could do.

She HAS to keep going – because the mortgage, the emails that keep coming in, and the phone that keeps ringing (mostly for more problems, rather than new clients… )


She just keeps going and going and going.


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Side Step Creativity-Killing Systems


Just as video killed the radio star, we all know that too much formality, process and admin can kill the creativity of the entrepreneur.

It’s no wonder that when I say “you need a client getting system” or a “sales system” most movers and shakers break out in a cold sweat.

In if that’s your first reaction, you’re not alone.


After all, for most people, having less freedom and more planning and assessment is a fate worse than death.

But what if I told you that there is an approach you can use which will actually FEED your creativity?

That will give you MORE FREEDOM, not less?


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A Life-Changing Belief…

can_cantI have a belief.

It’s one I’ve chosen.

And one YOU can adopt too, if you like the results it creates.


Not long ago I started Tae Kwon Do.

Less than four months later I won not one, but two gold medals.


By holding this belief above all else.


In a matter of weeks, I’ll be hosting my first telesummit. Never done anything like that before.

But I’ve reached out to ten experts… people in my field that I know can deliver excellent value and who I really respect.


Without this belief, I would have never dared approach them, or tried such a feat with all the moving parts involved.

Adopting this belief is HIGHLY advantageous to you if you’re wanting to rock it ANYTHING – whether it be making more cash, growing your business to the next level, taking on new team members, or just having more success in your life generally.


So what’s this belief that has the potential to change everything for you?



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Clear The Way For Uber-Results

Every now and again I get feedback from clients to the tune of the below.

I include it here to illustrate two points:

  1. What is possible when you remove the emotional baggage and mind-trash.
  2. How the intangible, and somewhat “woo-woo” clearing process yields kick-ass, tangible results.


Here’s a message Kawa Onatli left in the mentoring group a few weeks ago, reproduced with his permission…


“I must share this gain…

I had my coaching session with Laura and we did some emotional clearing…

One of the things we worked on was my new Kurdish search engine that was getting 400 visitors per day. I said that I am afraid people will not use it and I won’t get any exposure from the Kurdish media.

try the search engine





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Slaying the Mind-Demons

“But, I’m just not good enough to approach a blog like that! Why would they be interested in my post? I’m not well-know and I’m by no means an expert…”

This was a client talking about how he really didn’t think he could take his awesome article to a big blog as a guest post.

It could easily have been a conversation about taking an idea out to market, or selling a coaching package to a prospect, or pitching an investor for funding…

The pattern is the same.

The steps to take to get a kick-ass result are usually pretty straight forward.

However, actually taking these steps is another matter.


There are some crazy stats out there that say that 80% of people want to publish a book.

Now, although there are lots of published authors out there, it is safe to say that only a small number of these folks actually get around to doing it.



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Getting Published Will Cost You

Many people dream about writing and publishing a book.

But you need to know… getting published will cost you.

The truth is, getting published, or self-publishing your work is going to cost you more (in real cash, in opportunity cost, and in marketing) than it is going to bring you.

It won’t help you pay the bills.

Certainly not in the short term… and definitely not on its own… (Unless you’re a John Grishaw or JK Rowling.)

There is a deeper discussion here for how to go about getting published so that it’s a lucrative add on to an audience you’ve already built. But many people, particularly actual writers (as opposed to marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches etc) – want to just write and get paid.

I get it.

And these are great writers who ask me about this.


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