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Clear The Way For Uber-Results

Every now and again I get feedback from clients to the tune of the below.

I include it here to illustrate two points:

  1. What is possible when you remove the emotional baggage and mind-trash.
  2. How the intangible, and somewhat “woo-woo” clearing process yields kick-ass, tangible results.


Here’s a message Kawa Onatli left in the mentoring group a few weeks ago, reproduced with his permission…


“I must share this gain…

I had my coaching session with Laura and we did some emotional clearing…

One of the things we worked on was my new Kurdish search engine that was getting 400 visitors per day. I said that I am afraid people will not use it and I won’t get any exposure from the Kurdish media.

try the search engine





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Slaying the Mind-Demons

“But, I’m just not good enough to approach a blog like that! Why would they be interested in my post? I’m not well-know and I’m by no means an expert…”

This was a client talking about how he really didn’t think he could take his awesome article to a big blog as a guest post.

It could easily have been a conversation about taking an idea out to market, or selling a coaching package to a prospect, or pitching an investor for funding…

The pattern is the same.

The steps to take to get a kick-ass result are usually pretty straight forward.

However, actually taking these steps is another matter.


There are some crazy stats out there that say that 80% of people want to publish a book.

Now, although there are lots of published authors out there, it is safe to say that only a small number of these folks actually get around to doing it.



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How to Nail Your RESULT Every Time

filming_on_locationI’ve recently started screen acting for fun.

I thought it would be cool to learn how the greats deliver a real performance that moves cinema-goers into a new experience of life.

It involves a level of mastery and presence… Think Al Pucino and you’ll see what’s inspired me.

Anyway, this weekend I was working on a show reel… basically a demo reel which show cases an actor for casting directors to see what they can do.


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How To (Finally) Have The Confidence To Succeed

10 My guess is that you read this blog because you know there is something more you can be experiencing in your life. You’re inspired on the inside… you know you have so much more to offer the world, and deep down you know you know that you deserve so much more (cash!) than is showing up in your world right now.

It could be you’re frustrated by a current income barrier.

You may want to start your own business, or get out of your current job. It could even be that you’ve historically done well by most peoples’ standards, out on your own, but you really want to step out and up your game in 2014.

You may even want to raise your rates, or get your first customers, or switch and do something you love, but feel like you’re not qualified or confident enough to charge adequately for what you do…


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How To Motivate Yourself to do a Project

AchievementWe all know that feeling.

The sheer frustration and exhaustion of knowing what your goal is and even though you’re making slow incremental progress you’re going to want to be on to something else before you actually get it realised. Motivation starts to wane. That fire you had in your belly to get it done is now a feeble wisp of smoke, and you find any distraction under the sun to avoid getting back to what you know you should be doing.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Especially since you’re not an un-motivated person, but that feeling of having to push, push, push, just wears you away, and you wonder… “Where the heck did my Mojo go?”
Well, what if I told you that the reason you might be struggling on this particular goal isn’t because there is something wrong with you. It’s also not because you’re “not talented enough”, “not good enough”, or  “not clever enough”.

It also has nothing to do with how difficult the goal is, or what the marketplace or the rest of the industry is doing.

That’s right. You really did read that right.

“So what on earth *does* it have to do with?”

Keep reading, because we’re going to explore something you have probably never even considered before.


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How to Build Your Dream While Still Paying The Bills

build dreamSometimes you don’t get to live your dream. At least not right now.

That’s okay.

Sometimes you have other priorities or other responsibilities or other things you just need to be doing instead.

This fact of life can cause huge amounts of stress, strain and guilt to someone who knows they have gifts and abilities they’re not using. I get that. I really do.

Conventional wisdom at the moment dictates that the time to live your truth and follow your passion and chase your dreams is right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

They say that if you don’t drop everything to follow this dream, that you don’t want it enough, or aren’t strong enough or smart enough. That you’re fearful and brainwashed and wasting your precious time.

I say that’s crazy!  More…

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Ask the Reader: Will It Be Good Enough?

Ok, so we’re going to do things a little differently now and again.Great news - Businesswoman recieves great news on the phone

I spend hours each day answering emails and giving advice, but here’s the thing:

I know that you guys have a tonne of insight and experience to share. You have innate knowledge and understanding of how things work, what will work, and what to do given a set of challenges.

I think it’s time we tap into that wisdom. More…

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How To Have Power Over Procrastination

Business-Man-Doing-NothingHaving a task list as long as your arm is one of the most debilitating things we ever have to face.

It’s like when you know you could just about conjure the energy to do one or two of the items – but the prospect of then having all the rest of the list to get through is just too overwhelming.

So, like most people, maybe you opt for a different approach?

You make a coffee. You find something else to do. You return some calls, or lose yourself in your email… justifying that the emails need to be handled. If only you didn’t have so many distractions constantly throughout the day.  If only you had more hours.


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How to Silence Your Inner Critic

little girl quietAh the inner critic.

That nagging voice in the back of your mind which constantly regurgitates all manner of doubts and criticism. You may hear it in the voice of a parent, a teacher, an older sibling…. No matter what ‘voice’ it sounds like it’s always negative, unsupportive, and makes you hesitate, and constantly second-guess yourself. It’s like a constantly-running dialogue whilst you’re trying to focus on what you need to do.

As a result you squirm and try to think harder as you’re performing the task, trying to counter-act the criticism by being careful “not to say it like that”, or “to sit up straight”,  or “don’t let them think that about you”.

“Nobody want to listen to you”, “who wants to hear your opinion”… “look they’re bored”, “you should have said it like that”… nag, nag, nag.

Your inner critic has a lot to answer for. It’s been constantly running your life, putting you on edge and making you feel like a second class citizen for, well…EVER!


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Excitement vs Results – it’s not what you think

shutterstock_76495828Imagine the scene.

You’ve just been out to a networking meeting and you’ve been speaking to two people who are potentially going to be good clients for you, and you’ve found another potential business partner to do some work with on a new project you’re all excited about. You collapse into bed on cloud 9 thinking of all the possibilities and relieved that things are clicking into place…


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